Revolutionizing Drone Monitoring with SkyFrames

SkyFrames, developed during the ETHGlobal Frameworks Hackathon, held from March 22 to 24, 2024, introduces a groundbreaking solution for real-time monitoring of drones using the RemoteID standard. This project offers a comprehensive approach to drone tracking and monitoring, addressing critical issues such as privacy and collision prevention in the evolving drone ecosystem. The need for drone monitoring has become increasingly important with the rising use of drones across various industries. Ensuring privacy and preventing collisions are paramount, and SkyFrames aims to address these needs by providing a robust monitoring solution that enhances safety and efficiency. SkyFrames

project screenshot 2

SkyFrames dashboard displaying real-time drone activity

With the increasing use of drones in various industries, ensuring privacy and preventing collisions are paramount. SkyFrames aims to address these needs by providing a robust monitoring solution that enhances safety and efficiency.

SkyFrames utilizes a native Android application as a drone radar, intercepting signals broadcasted by drones via Bluetooth and WiFi, in accordance with the RemoteID standard. These intercepted signals are then sent to a centralized server for aggregation and processing, providing real-time insights into drone activities. The project leverages Intel's OpenDroneID Android receiver, an open-source technology that has been forked and enhanced to send signals to a centralized database using PostgreSQL. This integration with Privy and the Optimism blockchain network further enhances scalability and efficiency.

SkyFrames has the potential to provide valuable insights into drone traffic patterns and congestion areas. Additionally, it can track delivery drones, opening up new possibilities for drone management and optimization.

During the development process, the SkyFrames team learned valuable lessons such as the importance of collaboration, effective time management, embracing challenges, and the need for continuous learning to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.

SkyFrames is poised to revolutionize drone monitoring and management, offering a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes safety and efficiency. With its innovative technology and commitment to excellence, SkyFrames is shaping the future of drone technology and its integration into our daily lives.

The SkyRadar mobile app, developed using Java and Kotlin as a native Android app, serves as a real-time interceptor of RemoteID drone signals transmitted via Bluetooth or WiFi. These signals are then relayed to the SkyTrade server for storage and distribution to other users and integration partners. The app displays drone data on a mobile map in real-time, functioning seamlessly in the background without requiring user interaction. Testing can be conducted using a RemoteID simulator, ensuring compatibility with both US and EU Remote ID standards.

In conclusion, SkyFrames and the SkyRadar mobile app represent significant advancements in drone monitoring and management, offering innovative solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and overall drone ecosystem management.

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